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Check back in October 2006

Comment from The Independent

August 17, 2006: "During a week in June, when I went to Broadway shows back to back, including Avenue Q, Wicked stood out by miles. It was the only one which genuinely took my breath away, gave me the lift-descending tummy swoops, that only a true musical can." --Nicola Christie Wicked: tales of the witches of Oz

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Recent review of Wicked tour, March 3, 2006: 'Wicked' a magical musical that's truly a masterpiece

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Highlights from around North America:

Spellbinding. Magical. Bewitching, even. This Broadway phenomenon lives up to its hype."
The Tampa Tribune

"Ding dong, we've got a hit. Like a Christmas stocking packed with goodies, this show has so many delights to offer, it's hard to know where to begin."
Toronto Star

"WICKED explodes onto the stage with all the glitz, colour, pizzazz – the sheer ebullient confidence – that makes a show a hit on the Great White Way."
Toronto Sun

"WICKED treats old-fashioned Broadway lovers to star performances all too rare in today's musical-theatre world."
Toronto Globe and Mail

"Something very good is undeniably happening in Oz."
Denver Post

"The most spectacular production this city has seen in ages."
Houston Chronicle

"With huge, gothic-inspired sets, fantastically outlandish costumes and gravity-defying special effects, it's no wonder Wicked is an audience favorite."
Ft Worth Star-Telegram

"A megahit, WICKED has been painting towns green wherever it plays."
Baltimore Sun


And NEW YORK: The New York Observer

"The delightful and joyfully irreverent prequel to 'The Wizard of Oz' has a great sense of wit and fun. But what rockets it into superior realm is the partnership of its stars, Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel. Two actresses triumphing together in the leading roles of a major Broadway musical must be unique. Both are showstoppers and their roles seem tailor-made for them. The blond and diminutive bombshell, Chenoweth, who plays Glinda, is a born comedienne. The tall and beautiful Menzel makes a brilliantly complex and sympathetic Elphaba, aka the Wicked Witch of the West. Stephen Schwartz's score is clever and exhilarating, and Wicked's story is a wonderful one. Winnie Holzman's winning book charms us without trying. The confident good humor of it all is remarkable. But the real magic of Wicked belongs to the fabulous performances of Chenoweth and Menzel, witches for the ages.


- John Heilpern, The New York Observer

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