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Wicked Links

Wicked stuff: memorabilia, CD, Grimmerie

Enter Wicked musical or Wicked Broadway in the search box when you get there - Click on banner:

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Some Official sites:

Official fan site for Stephen Schwartz

Sites with discussion forums or egroups:

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Someone has started a Wicked on West End discussion forum:

Another UK based forum is

Unofficial UK Fan Site

Stephen Schwartz's official site has a forum for all Schwartz musicals. [new browser window] .

Gregory Maguire's site has a Wicked forum. [new browser window]

The Official Wicked Fan Society at Yahoo Groups is now at: Unlimited_Official_Wicked Fan Site has added a Wicked forum to their many forums on musicals. Wicked at

Witches of Oz - fan site with discussion forum. has an active Wicked forum and various other pages.

Check [new browser window] .

There's a message board for Wicked the Musical and novel at [new browser window] This site for singers includes a discussion forum and a thread about Wicked

Other West End discussions

Other Sites - kind of a news site. has a trip for kids to WICKED USA.

Kevin's site at Geocities [new browser window] (includes lyrics) (opens new browser window)

Visit [new browser window] (opens new browser window) - has many article links etc

Zach's fan site:

Another WICKED FAN SITE (at geocities) [new browser window](opens new browser window)

Wicked site [new browser window] (opens new browser window) - fan site


For articles and photos visit the official Wicked site: [new browser window] offers WICKED interviews with Stephen Schwartz and others.
Wicked the musical in London. Site by Carol who is also webmaster for the official fan site for Wicked's composer Stephen Schwartz

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